Immigration Consequences Of A Criminal Conviction

A criminal charge for a DUI or traffic ticket is stressful for anyone, but that stress is immense for immigrants whose ability to remain in the United States may be threatened by a conviction. At Garibay Law Office LLC , we help immigrants understand and minimize the effects of criminal action on their immigration status.

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In many criminal matters, the prosecutor may offer a plea deal that seems favorable. For example, he or she may offer a deferred sentence or lesser penalty in exchange for a guilty plea. This can have serious implications for your immigration status. Nearly any conviction can result in deportation, and it is important to understand the consequences.

Our lead attorney, Guillermo Garibay, has represented people in immigration and criminal law matters for nearly 40 years. He understands how to manage your case with both criminal and immigration courts in mind to help you avoid deportation and keep your record clean when possible.

Post-Conviction Relief

If a past offense is threatening your ability to remain in the United States, it may be possible to pursue an appeal or reversal of the conviction. Because so few attorneys are experienced in the immigration consequences of criminal law matters, we may be able to show that your conviction was invalid and allow you to stay in the country.

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