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At Garibay Law Office LLC in Pueblo, Colorado, we represent people accused of a variety of crimes, including:

  • Drug offenses — A drug conviction can result in a felony record that will ruin your chance of a meaningful career or in a lengthy prison sentence. Attorney Garibay has obtained numerous dismissals of drug cases and numerous plea dispositions that dropped drug charges down to nondrug charges.
  • Drunk driving — Traffic and drunk driving laws and are getting tougher, and a simple mistake can affect the rest of your life. We provide aggressive defense for those accused of DUI/DWAI.
  • Violent crimes like assault, domestic violence and homicide — Some violent crimes, including felony assault and homicide, carry mandatory minimum prison sentences. Speak with a knowledgeable defense lawyer to protect your interests.
  • Sex crimes — Many sex offenses carry an indefinite prison sentence. If you are facing potentially life-changing charges like these, you need an attorney with Guillermo Garibay's experience on your side.

Experienced. Aggressive. Dedicated.

Before opening our firm in 2006, criminal law attorney Garibay Guillermo spent decades working as a public defender in Pueblo and Colorado Springs. As a former head of the Colorado Springs and Durango public defender's offices, he has experience trying criminal cases that is difficult to match. He has tried — and won — cases ranging from simple traffic violations to felony murder.

In addition to holding extensive trial experience, Guillermo understands the fears and concerns that often accompany a criminal charge. We are compassionate advocates for our clients and we are aggressive when it comes to protecting their rights.

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